IPRoyal – Earn money effortlessly

Being a pawn it’s not always a good idea, but that has changed if we’re talking about IPRoyal.

As previously mentioned, you can make a passive income easy. Do you have an internet connection? Than that’s easy! You can earn money by simply sharing your IDLE / unused internet connection.

Besides that, you will also get $1 upon registering by using this link and withdraw as soon as you reach $5 or more.

Payments are done via PayPal, Bitcoin or Visa gift cards – I would recommend Paypal. With Bitcoin crashing down lately, I would not choose that one as a payment method and Visa gift card was not an option either for me, since I should use it for the exact amount of $ to purchase something.

But does IPRoyal pay?

My answer would be that YES, it pays in a matter of minutes. Below you can find a payment proof from my first withdrawal.

iproyal - first payment proof

I know that it is not that much, but making almost $5 a month – it is something for me. Upon using some basic Excel skills, and also following my earnings each day – I reached the first payment after 46 days. By using 3 different computers, in 3 different locations – with 3 different ISP’s and a cellular network – I have managed to earn over half of the payment limit – in 15 days. This means that I and even you – can make at least $5 a month.

Don’t forget that the first $ is on the house, if you register by using the link above.

There’s not much to be said, except that the application can be used on Windows (32 bits and 64 bits – I had to mention this, because… you will find that in a later post); Android, MacOS and / or Linux machines. All you have to do is to download the app for the platform you use, login to your account and… watch your earnings grow.

What I don’t like at the IPRoyal platform itself?

I would have loved to have a more through analysis of the earnings per day and per referral.

What else needs to be said about IPRoyal?

  • You will earn $1 per each 5 GB of data shared.
  • Use only one device per IP.
  • You can also choose to receive the payment in Euro instead of $.

I have nothing further to say about IPRoyal, except that it is a legit website that pays in a timely manner. Register now and start making an income from your unused internet connection.