Current – earn money by listening to music

Another easy way to earn money would be to listen to music with Current. I have already mentioned that previously – that there are multiple ways of earning passive income.

I can not work without listening to music. Besides that, I needed an alternative for Youtube – since the Premium plan is a little bit ‘spicy’ for me. I also needed something that can play in the background – with the screen completely shut off. That was the day I have discovered Current.

Not only that I can find a lot of radio stations and play them in the background, but I am also getting paid to do that.

The first month was tough – I have to admit! That’s because I have set a goal of 4950 points. The conversion was a $0.50 on PayPal and a Bonus Bucks Gift Card as a bonus for the conversion of the points. 4000 points only for the Bonus Bucks Gift Card was not a good call and that’s why I have waited to reach 4950 point.

Let me explain at first what does Bonus Bucks Gift Card means: for the next 30 days after ‘purchasing’ it with points, you can earn up to 50% more points.

What is good at Current!

  • You can earn points for charging your phone (Android only).

Current - get paid for charging

  • You can earn points by checking in the app each 2 hours (1 point for each 2 hours).
  • You can earn points for checking in daily and make a minimum amount of points – get bonus points! (by reaching the daily goal)

Current - Daily Goal

  • Earn points by watching short videos.
  • You can either withdraw money via PayPal, or purchase goods from the store (Android store is richer than the one from iOS).
  • Available on iOS and Adroid.
  • Since the app is available on the AppStore and Goodle Play Store it is a trustworthy app.
  • It also uses PayPal so that makes another point into making it a trustworthy app.

What is bad at current?

  • There isn’t an app for Windows or MacOS users. (I would have loved not to use the phone all the time, to listen to my favorite music station)
  • It takes from 3-7 business days to receive your payment.

Does Current pay?

Well, so far it did and I don’t see a reason why not to do that. A payment proof with my first $0.50 (minus PayPal fees) can be found below.

Current - Payment Proof

So, if you are a music listener and want to also earn money from this… please register by using this link and start making money while listening to music.

Other notes regarding Current

  1. 1750 points = $0.10
  2. 2950 points = $0.25
  3. 4950 points = $0.50 + 1 Bonus Bucks Gift Card
  4. 7950 points = $1.00 + 1 Bonus Bucks Gift Card
  5. 9950 points = $3.00 + 1 Bonus Bucks Gift Card
  6. 15500 points = $6.00 + 1 Bonus Bucks Gift Card
  7. 22500 points = $10.00 + 2 Bonus Bucks Gift Cards
  8. 39950 points = $20.00 + 3 Bonus Bucks Gift Cards
  9. There are also other goods / values etc. that can be purchased for points, but we have sticked only to money since that’s what this post was about!
  • on a side note… the points and their value might change over time and I am not responsible for the conversion rate.

Happy earnings!